Collaborative Healthcare Solutions develops and maintains internet based medical reporting forms designed for Health Care Providers (HCP) to be used in hospitals and clinics.

Our applications are used primarily to facilitate the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Mandatory and Forensic Reporting requirements. We prioritize the security and protection of all ePHI within our applications. In addition, we bring technology forward and advocate-focused user experience solutions for our applications making them easy to use, in a secure manner.

The Problem We Are Addressing

In 2017 the CDC reported 50% of homicides of women are committed by current or ex-intimate partners

1 in 5 women killed by their intimate partner visited an emergency department in the year prior to their murder, for injuries inflicted by the same partner

There are more than 2.5 million victims of interpersonal violence per year in the US with more than 8 million acts of such violence

  • Health Care Providers are mandated to complete domestic violence reports
  • Currently these forms are completed on paper and are not standardized or integrated into the electronic medical record
  • The domestic violence reports are often mailed or faxed to law enforcement, the district attorney’s office and advocacy groups with varying degrees of success
  • This antiquated process is fraught with problems including inconsistent information collected, illegible notes, unreliable delivery without basic security of the confidential information or confirmation of receipt
  • In one sample, fewer than 30% of reports were received by law enforcement within the 72-hour mandatory reporting period, making the hospitals non compliant with the law

The CHS Solution

A single electronic platform including all interpersonal violence forms with collaborative links to appropriate third parties.

This integrated platform will significantly improve reporting efficiency, victim care and payments for services.